Juan Fontana - PostinHouse

He was born in Mendoza province in Argentina, and since he was very little, has been close to the cameras.  “My grandfather used to film a lot”, he says.  While I was studying Industrial Design, I used to make the presentations for my classmates. “Once, looking for a job, I realized that even though I was graduating with a degree in design, much of the work I had done related to film and video.

At that moment I went and enrolled in film school”.  Since then, his hobby became his profession.  For him, a good editor needs to have common sense, discernment and visual culture, “That way, you can make decisions and know when to place one more or one less frame”.  He likes humor pieces very much, with small text, more gestures and focusing on the look. “When I see them –because I know how difficult they are, I feel admiration and enjoyment”.

He has lived in Mexico since 2002, and even though he dreams about editing a Scorsese film, he admits feeling comfortable working with commercials, because he is a passionate of the movement and the speed.